Product Warranty

28 May 2018


This IDS product warranty offers the customer peace of mind and protection in addition to other rights and remedies for the consumer under the law relating to goods of the type covered by this warranty.


Unless otherwise specified, the warranty period against defects for products manufactured by IDS shall be 24 months from the date of purchase.


For all other products supplied by IDS, refer to below table.


To make a warranty claim, the product should be returned to any IDS branch. The product must be returned with the installer’s fault report clearly stating the company name and contact details of the purchaser, the date of purchase, product code(s), the original invoice number and a detailed fault description. Products deemed faulty will be replaced free of charge, but no responsibility is accepted for products subjected to misuse nor is responsibility accepted for consequential costs. Warranty is voided for any water damage, high voltage surge damage, insect damage and misuse. IDS does not repair out of warranty products.


For product failures:


•Out the box product failures - IDS will replace the faulty product with a new replacement product

•In warranty product failures - IDS will replace the faulty product with an equivalent replacement refurbishment product and cover the balance of the warranty


IDS manufactured product 27 Months Key switches 12 Months
HYYP 27 Months Relays & switches 3 Months
GSM antenna's 24 Months Centurion 12 Months
SELCO 24 Months Yale 12 Months
Smoke detectors 12 Months Union 12 Months
Visonic 12 Months GSC 24 Months
OPTEX 24 & 60 Months
- product specific
ZKTeco 12 Months
Xwave & Xwave 27 Months Door closers 12 Months
Cable 12 Months Magnetic locks 12 Months
Batteries - lead acid 12 Months Dahua CCTV 36 Months
Batteries - Gel 36 Months 36 Months Dahua Monitors 12 Months
Batteries - Alkaline 3 Months Seagate 24 Months
Sounders & strobes 12 Months Sherlotronics 12 Months
LEDs 3 Months 3 Months ET 12 Months
Transformers & power 12 Months RDC 12 Months